Avoiding Political Discussion Because You Feel “Behind”

I’m ashamed of the extent of my political knowledge as an adult citizen.  I’ve thought about theology and philosophy a lot but politics very little in comparison.  When I pastored, I found the bridge between the two subjects hard to make – probably because of Canada’s commitment to the separation of religious institutions and government.  Before recently, TruthSNACK followed suit, but a book I read in college haunted me.

Author Harry Blamires in The Christian Mind critiques fellow Christians for their unwillingness to connect their intellectual beliefs outside of church.  I believe I could be numbered among those he criticizes.  He believes we must consistently apply our deepest beliefs (no matter what they are) to our whole lives, not just our favourite “pet” topics.  That means atheists should think about all things (including politics) atheistly, while Muslims should think about them Islamically, and Christians Christianly.  What Blamires communicates is that if we are not able to apply our beliefs to the whole world, it betrays our own intellectual laziness and immaturity.

Yet do political questions work on a YouTube channel that has largely focused on philosophy to date?

I believe that posing a political question on TruthSNACK fits neatly within the channel’s goal to help people “discuss what matters” and “generate meaningful conversation.”  If I’m being honest, the only reason I can think of not to address a political question when one arises is to avoid asking of myself what I ask of my viewers: vulnerability for the sake of learning.  After all, the channel has never been about having all the answers but about asking the important questions on the journey to truth.

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